Senate Finance Committee Health Care Bill Key Provisions

The Senate Finance Committee’s bloom ameliorate bill key points:

1. Takes aftereffect July 2013.

2. Requires U.S. acknowledged association to access insurance.

3. Imposes a banking amends on humans who don’t access insurance.

4. Establishes new allowance exchanges.

5. Subsidizes the acquirement of bloom allowance through those exchanges for individuals and families with assets amid 100% and 400% of the federal abjection akin (FPL).

6. Policies purchased through the exchanges (or anon from insurers) would acquire to accommodated several requirements. In particular, insurers would acquire to acquire all applicants, could not absolute advantage for preexisting medical conditions, and could not alter premiums to reflect differences in enrollees’ health. Provides start-up funds to animate the conception of accommodating allowance affairs (co-ops) that could be offered through the exchanges; absolute insurers could not be accustomed as co-ops.

7. The bill would crave firms with added than 50 workers that did not action advantage to pay a amends for full-time workers who acquired subsidized advantage through the allowance exchanges. As a rule, full-time workers who were offered advantage from their employer would not be acceptable to access subsidies via the exchanges. However, an barring to that “firewall” would be accustomed for workers who had to pay added than a defined allotment of their assets for their employer’s insurance-10% in 2013, indexed over time-in which case the employer could aswell be penalized.

8. Beneath assertive circumstances, firms with almost few advisers and almost low boilerplate accomplishment would aswell be acceptable for tax credits to awning up to bisected of their contributions against bloom allowance premiums.

9. The bill aswell would accomplish abundant Medicaid-related changes.

Tax provisions. The key tax changes in the Senate Finance bloom ameliorate bill are as follows:

1. A 40% nondeductible customs tax would be levied on bloom advantage in balance of $8,000/$21,000 (indexed for inflation), able for tax years alpha afterwards 2012. Added thresholds would administer for over age 55 retirees and assertive high-risk professions (e.g., firefighters, architecture and mining workers), and a college alpha would administer for bloom allowance affairs maintained in the 17 states in which bloom affliction was atomic affordable for the year concluded Dec. 31, 2012. For employees, the employer would accumulated the advantage accountable to the absolute and affair an advice acknowledgment for insurers advertence the bulk accountable to the customs tax. The customs tax would be levied at the insurer level.

2. Employers would be appropriate to address the amount of bloom allowances on employees’ Forms W-2, able for tax years alpha afterwards 2009.

3. For purposes of employer provided bloom advantage (including bloom agreement accounts (HRAs) and bloom adjustable accumulation accounts (FSAs), HSAs, and Archer medical accumulation accounts (MSAs)), the amount of over-the-counter anesthetic (other than doctor prescribed) could not be reimbursed through a bloom FSA or HRA. In addition, the amount of over-the-counter medicines (other than doctor prescribed) could not be reimbursed on a tax-free base through an HSA or Archer MSA. These changes would be able for tax years alpha afterwards 2009.

4. The amends for nonqualified HSA distributions would be added from 10% to 20%, able for disbursements fabricated during tax years alpha afterwards 2010. Allowable contributions to bloom FSAs in cafeteria affairs would be capped at $2,500, able for tax years alpha afterwards 2010.

5. Able for tax years alpha afterwards the achievement date, hospitals would be accountable to new requirements, e.g., a association bloom needs assessment, promulgation and broadcasting of a accounting banking abetment policy, and new advertisement and acknowledgment rules.

6. Able for payments fabricated afterwards 2011, the bill would adapt the accepted advice advertisement claim by eliminating the barring for payments to corporations. The chic of payments with account to which advertisement is appropriate would be antiseptic to cover gross gain for both acreage and services.

7. The attic below itemized medical amount deductions would be aloft from 7.5% of adapted gross assets (AGI) to 10%, able for tax years alpha afterwards 2012. The AGI attic for individuals age 65 and earlier (and their spouses) would abide banausic at 7.5%.

8. The answer for costs allocable to Medicare Part D subsidy would be eliminated, able for tax years alpha afterwards 2010. A $500,000 answer absolute would administer to the accomplishment of officers, employees, directors, and account providers of covered bloom allowance providers. This absolute would be able for accomplishment paid in tax years alpha afterwards 2012 with account to casework performed afterwards 2009.

9. For tax years alpha afterwards 2010, the bill would accommodate for a safe anchorage from the nondiscrimination requirements for cafeteria affairs for an acceptable baby employer. The safe anchorage would aswell administer to the nondiscrimination requirements for defined able allowances offered beneath the cafeteria plan, including accumulation appellation activity insurance, advantage beneath a cocky insured accumulation bloom plan, and allowances beneath a abased affliction abetment program. The safe anchorage would crave that the cafeteria plan amuse minimum accommodation and accord requirements and minimum flex-credit addition requirements.

10. The bill would actualize a acting tax credit, accountable to an all-embracing cap of $1 billion, to animate investments in new therapies to prevent, diagnose, and amusement abiding diseases, able for expenditures paid or incurred afterwards 2008, in tax years alpha afterwards 2008. The acclaim would dusk at the end of 2010.

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